Cause Marketing Guidelines

Thank you for your support of the Project Night Night.  Our organization strives to find mutually beneficial cause-related marketing relationships in support of our mission.  We enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to explore and develop new corporate champions. Our organization looks for companies with a solid history and strong brand image who would like to make a contribution that is significant and clearly defined to the consumer.

Our corporate champions provide Project Night Night with an opportunity to reach out to a variety of audiences with information about our mission and to raise funds to support the services we provide to the homeless community.  In addition, cause marketing initiatives provide corporate supporters an opportunity to make a positive impact in the community and to involve employees and consumers in the cause.

Below are some guidelines for corporate champions considering a cause-related marketing relationship with Project Night Night.

Minimum requirements for cause-related marketing relationships:

  • Minimum of one year of established business operations for your organization
  • Minimum contribution of 5% of the retail price for cause-related products or services is recommended
  • You must agree to disseminate information about Project Night Night with every cause marketing initiative
  • You must agree to publish our name/logo, web site address and phone number with every cause-marketing initiative to connect consumers to our organization

Logo Usage:

Permission is required for use of our logo.   A party that desires to obtain permission to use our logo must execute a written contract with Project Night Night that outlines how the logo will be used.  Until a fully executed License Agreement is received by the organization, use of the Project Night Night name, logo, or any of its licensed marks is strictly prohibited.


All cause marketing relationships must meet the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance’s Standards and be in compliance with the law.  In particular, BBB Standard 19 requires that all advertisements, displays and promotional materials related to a cause marketing relationship clearly disclose how the charity benefits from the sale of products or services.  Such promotions, advertisements, displays should disclose: (1) the actual or anticipated portion of the purchase price that will benefit the charity; (2) the duration of the campaign; and (3) any maximum or guaranteed minimum contribution amount.  Disclosures stating only that the charity will receive “proceeds,” “profits,” “net proceeds,” or some other general financial benefit as a result of sales will not meet this standard.

If you are interested in forming a cause marketing relationship with the Project Night Night, please send a brief proposal to with Cause Marketing Proposal in the subject-line.  After Project Night Night receives your proposal, Project Night Night will review it in accordance with the above criteria.

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