Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in helping Project Night Night, but I have a few questions:

Monetary Donations by Check:

Checks can be made payable to: “Project Night Night” and mailed to our San Francisco office:

Kendra Robins
Project Night Night
148 Beulah Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

How do I get involved?
We welcome you to participate in the Adopt a Night Night Package Program.  For this program, you commit to filling a certain number of totes (10? 20?) with a new blanket, new children’ book, and new stuffed animals.  Then you donate the completed totes to a local shelter which we can help you find.
The totes cost $3.50 each (which includes shipping to you) and are required for our program.

All of the directions are online here

Tote can be ordered online here

I don’t want to participate in the Adopt a Night Night Package program. May I just donate blankets, books, and stuffed animals to your drop-off location?
Yes!  If you would prefer to offer your support by donating new blankets, new stuffed animals, and new books to one of our collection points or send them to us by mail, that would be terrific.  We will then use those donations to complete Night Night Packages requested by shelters directly to our offices.

Drop-Off Locations Link

May I be a drop location?
We prefer that folks do not set up collection boxes at major locations until they have run at least 3 Adopt a Night Night Package programs and receive approval from our office.  Often the amount of donated items (especially stuffed animals) tends to get overwhelming.  Not all donations are usable, so you would then need to find other charitable organizations to which to deliver the “sub par” product.  It is quite time consuming, so we would advise against this.

May I start a chapter in my area?
No need!  Project Night Night does not use the chapter system.  You are welcome to participate in the Adopt a Night Night Package Program and bring Night Night Packages to a shelter in your area if we don’t already serve one.

Does Project Night Night operate internationally?
No.  Our non-profit tax status conferred upon us from the IRS limits our charitable work to the United States.

I want to have a fundraiser for Project Night Night!  Is this ok?
Project Night Night is deeply appreciative of financial donations.  We often utilize these funds to help underwrite the cost of assembling and shipping Night Night packages to children on our waiting list.  All monetary donations are tax deductible but must sent directly to Project Night Night if the donor would like a tax receipt. Please collect checks (made payable to “Project Night Night”) or cash (clip a note with the donor’s name, address, and email) and mail them to our San Francisco or Michigan Office. Project Night Night will acknowledge each gift individually.

May I have a large product drive for Project Night Night?
Maybe!  Project Night Night has limited storage facilities.  Please contact a member of our staff prior to conducting a large-scale product drive.  We encourage any product drives to be NEW product only.  Donors often get excited to purge their homes of used stuffed animals and books. As the organizer, it is critical that you sort through items and donate only those that meet our product requirements.  Also, it is your responsibility to find another organization to accept your sub-par product, otherwise, Project Night Night must pay our staff to sort and dispose of product that a homeless child would not be proud to own.  Project Night Night cannot pick-up your donations as this takes us out of the office or the shelters we serve.  Long story short, we are always in need of NEW product but let’s chat first!

Can I use your Logo?
Our Logo and approved photos are available to use on our website here.

You are welcome to use our Logo for small scale distribution (i.e. school flyers, invitations). Please drop us an email for approval on any large scale distribution or print ads.

Adopt A Night Night Package Program Questions

How do I obtain the tote bags?
To participate in our Adopt a Night Night Package Program, please order your totes online at our Order Totes page. In the alternative, if you cannot pay online, email with your name, address, phone number and quantity of tote bags needed.

How much do they cost?
The tote bags cost $3.50 each (which includes shipping costs). You may pay by credit card on the website, or we will include an invoice with payment instructions with your tote bags. Please make checks payable to “Project Night Night.”

Why do you charge for tote bags?
Project Night Night requests a donation of $3.50 per bag to cover the cost of purchasing and shipping the tote bags to you. As a not-for-profit organization, Project Night Night appreciates your contribution so that we can continue to allocate as many of our financial resources as possible to the homeless children whom we serve.

Can I use my own tote bags that I purchase or make?
If you are going to utilize our name, shelter list and program, we require the use of our signature tote bags. It is a measure of consistency that shelter like to see as it tells them immediately what will be contained inside each Night Night Package as well guarantees all items are NEW condition. You are always welcome to find a shelter yourself and donate without using our name.

When and how often do you ship?
Project Night Night ships once a week either via Fedex Ground or United States Postal Service.

What size is your tote bag?
The totes measures 15-1/2″ x 15″.

Do I need to pay before receiving my tote bags?
We would prefer you to pay in advance on our website.  However, if you cannot, we can mail an invoice with your tote bag shipment.

Order Totes Page

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash, checks made payable to “Project Night Night” or credit cards through our website.

Can I get a bulk discount on totes?
Unfortunately, we can’t really offer the bags at a discount.  If you live near our San Francisco, or Detroit-area team members, you can avoid shipping charges and make arrangements to pick-up the totes locally.  Please email to make arrangements.

When will I get my totes?
Please expect your totes to arrive within 7-10 business days.  Please plan in advance to ensure the success of your project and to allow enough time for the delivery of your totes bags. We do not accept additional funds to cover expedited shipping.

What should I do if I have not received my totes and it has been over 10 days?
Project Night Night tries to respond directly to every tote order. Please feel free to check in with Jessica ( if you have not received confirmation of your order or the totes haven’t arrived within 10 days.  Project Night Night often uses the United States Postal Service or Fedex’s email notification systems for package tracking. Please check your email and track your package prior to contacting us.

Product Questions

What size should the blankets be?
We ask people to imagine a young child toting a blanket. Ideally, blankets should be “crib size” or smaller. The blanket needs to be compact enough to nestle aside a stuffed animal and a book in our canvas tote bag. Frequent blanket dimensions on are 40×50 or 50×60, but we are happy to receive smaller blankets and lovies.

Do you accept used blankets?
No. Project Night Night accepts only new baby blankets for sanitary reasons.  AS OF 2016, WE DO NOT TAKE NO-SEW BLANKETS. DUE TO COVID-19, WE HAVE STOPPED ACCEPTING HANDMADE BLANKETS.

What books should I use?
We serve children 0-12 years old.  Feel free to use books from board books through early chapter books. We ask NO HEAVY bound books.

Do you accept gently used stuffed animals and books?
No. Project Night Night has gone to a NEW only model for all three items as of 2017. Please remember, the children whom we serve rarely, if ever, receive new items.  Our goal is for them to feel special and loved. New product is the best way to ensure success.

Donate Items

Can the blankets and stuffed animals be handmade?
No. Due to Covid-19, we had to stop accepting handmade at this time. Although, we know there is nothing more special than an item that was especially made for a child with care and we do hope you can find a good home for your time and talents. AS OF 2016, WE DO NOT TAKE NO-SEW BLANKETS.

What are the size requirements for the stuffed animals?
The stuffed animals should be no larger than 18” in order to properly fit inside of our tote bag. The ideal stuffed animals would be “snuggle size”.  Please do not use tiny stuffed animals.  It isn’t fair if some children receive full-sized stuffed animals while other receive only “mini” ones.

Can we include other items in our Night Night Packages?
This is up to you!  We know that the children recipients would appreciate any new items that fit into our night-time comfort theme!  Volunteers have included items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, or warm socks. This is not a requirement or an expectation.

Can we include drawings or notecards in our Night Night Packages?
YES! Of course! We encourage our volunteers to include a “Sweet Dreams” note. These can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.

How much should I spend on the contents of a Night Night Packages?
This is absolutely up to you!  Shop wisely to get the most “bang for your buck!”

Do you have preferred vendors for product purchases?
Definitely check out our corporate citizenship page on our website for companies that have supported Project Night Night.  This being said, we do shop around! We hunt down post-holiday sales (bunnies are not only for Easter nor red blankets for Valentine’s Day). Another tip is to look in non-traditional places such as drugstores, (i.e. Walgreens, CVS, Drugmart).  Also, we love the Kohl’s Cares for Kids line of products, which provides a top-quality book or stuffed animal for $5.00.

For ideas, please click here.

Are there any other restrictions?
Please no Beanie Babies or similar tiny friends.  No books or stuffed animals with battery compartments.  No stuffed animals that make noises –such as singing, reciting prayers, etc.  No commemorative stuffed animals with years sewn on them.

Ready for Delivery! Shelter Questions

I live in the San Franciso Bay Area, how do I find a shelter?
In order to better manage the large distribution of Night Night Packages in the San Francisco Bay Area, volunteers may be requested to deliver (or mail) their completed Nigth Night Packages to one of our drop-off locations rather than to the shelter offices directly.  This system works best for Project Night Night and for the shelters we serve.

How do I find a shelter (outside of the Bay Area)?
Project Night Night recommends visiting our website to view shelters we serve in your area (click on your state):

If you cannot find one or wish to serve a new shelter, The Housing and Urban Development website ( is a good resource.  Still having trouble? Please contact for assistance.

What do I say when I contact the shelter?
When you call a shelter, ask to speak with the children’s coordinator or the person in charge of donations. Please tell them that you have partnered with Project Night Night and would like to donate X number of Night Night Packages to the children in their care.  If this is a new shelter relationship, you may need to explain that each Night Night Package contains a new baby blanket, book, and stuffed animal for children ages zero to pre-teen.  Kindly obtain a complete shelter address, contact name, and delivery hours to relay to Project Night Night.  Please email the information to

Will I be handing my completed Night Night Packages out directly to the homeless children?
Most likely no.  Due to privacy concerns, most volunteer deliveries will be made to shelter administrative offices and not to the homeless children directly.  The amount of interaction with the children is determined by the shelter itself and not Project Night Night.

Once I have delivered my Night Night Packages, does the shelter receive ongoing support?
Yes!  Shelters are always welcome to request additional Night Night Packages directly from Project Night Night at any time. We suggest that you leave one of our brochures with the shelter contact.

Can Project Night Night find the shelter for me?
If you are not comfortable finding a shelter, we are here to help. It is our recommendation that you speak with the shelter in order to assist in the coordination and delivery of your Night Night Packages.  If you need assistance, please contact

Do I need to call the shelter if I am selecting one from your list?
Yes please. Project Night Night has the pleasure of working with thousands of volunteers each year.  To avoid overlapping deliveries, we recommend that you contact the shelter to ensure that they can accept your Night Night Package donation.  The shelter will help determine the number of Night Night Packages that they can accept and provide ideal delivery days and times.

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