Corporate Team Building

America’s best companies participate in Project Night Night’s team building program.

Project Night Night wants your company to have the best hands-on volunteer experience. We offer “turn key” 1-2 hour community service projects designed to meet your budget.

Your budget will determine the number of homeless children you can help! Your team will love assembling our Night Night Packages which help homeless children transition to shelter living. We will send everything you need to host a successful Night Night Package assembly event (new children’s books, new blankets, new stuffed animals, tote bags, age tags, note cards to include a personal note to child, introductory video) to any venue in the country.

Each one of the beautiful and high-quality Night Night Packages you create will contain a new blanket, a new stuffed animal, and a new classic children’s book nestled inside of a tote bag. With your help, you will ensure that the homeless children we serve aren’t forgotten in their time of need.

Ready to work with us? Please download our 1-page Corporate Team Building Overview, our About PNN Flyer and  Contact Kendra Robins at

Need a “take away” gift for your attendees?
Consider ordering additional tote bags from Project Night Night.

A Few of Our Past Corporate Event Partners

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