Kids Fundraising Ideas

We don’t want to limit your genius, but these ideas are awesome.


Hosting a lemonade stand outside is awesome, but probably not everyone you know will be able to come. Let Project Night Night build you a Virtual Lemonade Stand featuring you! We suggest checking out facebook for your online fundraising. Project Night Night is a known beneficiary in their system. You can customize, edit, and monitor your online fundraiser.

KISS A GRADUATE GOODBYE (text by Shanna Mooney)

Invite parents and classmates to give graduating seniors a sweet send-off in the form of a chocolate kiss and a personal message. The event is simple to execute and has the potential to make quite a bit of money depending on the size of the graduating class. (Nothing’s stopping you from expanding it into a “Kiss a Freshman Hello” or “Kiss a Preschooler Goodbye” to celebrate any milestone.) Steps to success: Buy chocolate kisses and bag them up along with the messages. Deliver the goodies on the designated day to each student.

COUCH POTATO (text by Shanna Mooney)

Sell “couch potato” tickets at home sports game for $1 each or 6 for $5. The tickets are put into a raffle that is drawn at halftime. The winner gets to choose two friends to sit on the couch, located on the end of the court/field, for the remainder of the game. A large pizza, donated by a local pizza shop, is given to the winner to enjoy during the rest of the game, and the concession stand donates one bottle of pop for each of the couch-sitters, Steps to success: Sell raffle tickets. Arrange to draw the name and announce the winner at the game. Get pizza donated for the couch potato and friends.

FREE DRESS DAY (if your school has uniforms)

In exchange for a donation of at least $1, kids will be permitted to wear free dress to school on the day of the Principal’s choosing.


Sell raffle tickets. The winner and his/her family gets the front row or designated seats for graduation (or the holiday program, or any other coveted event).


Bring your pooch to the school parking lot (or even your driveway) on the designated day. Fido gets a bath in exchange for a donation.


Is your projector the envy of the neighborhood? Select your favorite movie and invite a crowd. Sell entrance tickets and concessions and make a mint while never leaving your home.

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